About Indico Dourado Lda

Founded in 2011, Indico Dourado Lda is a focused Mozambican company dedicated to project management and investments in Mozambique. One of its founder and CEO, Eng. Emiliano Finocchi has a long history of successful internationalization processes through strong foreign investments. It has been advising the Ministry of Transportation and Communication for many years and was the president of ENH Logistics kick-off commission, the logistic branch of the national oil company (ENH).

We at Indico prefer not to be seen as pure service providers, but true local partners. We like to get involved in every step of the entire process, from company incorporation, to feasibility studies, to project execution, as our own. We partner with the country best legal advisors, accountant firms and customs service providers, in order to guarantee to our international partners (not clients) decisions made with local knowledge trough local content.

Before approaching us, please consider that we care: about our people, our environment, and our future, we care. We just accept projects that have the following base characteristics:

Strong local content   Social responsibility  |  Environmental responsibility  |  A win-Win approach (a deal is just a deal when all sides are satisfied)

We eliminate the Mozambican entry barriers in order for our partners to spend time with what they know best, their job!


Another Indico’s motto that encases the real spirit of the company, which not only services its partners, but makes any project its own. We want to engage on a long lasting relationship with people sharing our very same values.